Dr Rupert Williamson has been creating one-off bespoke pieces of furniture, since his  first Exhibition at The Royal College of Art in 1975,

Today with the help of Berwyn, who has helped him make his designs for many years, He continues creating new work.

The Pictures and Photographs evolved along side his furniture work and are a continuing passion.

Rupert Williamson’s furniture is a continuum of experimentation and development. In all his work his individuality as a maker is not only shown in the striking designs but also in the making; the finished pieces often make light of the risks involved in making new work, particularly the intricacies of the construction. In Peter Dormer’s book Furniture Today: Its Design & Craft Williamson acknowledges that his designs are driven by appearance but he emphasises the importance of the method of construction and structure that affects the eventual aesthetics of the finished work. ‘The techniques of construction are so integrated with the aesthetics of a structure that it is very hard to separate the two, I think it is only a matter of emphasis.’ (by Mary La Trobe-Bateman)

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